Welcome to MEoW
Server Status
   In the beging there was MEoW....A squad formed as a defensive force to defend the great Bluetainia against the rebels of the Scarlet Empire.

   TubettiWorld was where it all started, created by Cerdip and Tubetti {wife of Cerdip}, made up of players from all around the world who came together to play delta force 2. A great war between Scarlet Empire, and Bluetannia. Bluetannia Armed Marines known as BAM was joined by the Military Experts Of War, "MEOW" squad to reign destruction on to the Scarlet Marines. Just when the Scarlet Marines thought they were defeated men and woman from all over joined up to form a new allies known as the Scarlet Royal Marines "SRM" and fought back against the MEOWS and the BAM. The S.R.M. formed into 3 hard-hitting forces that gave it all they had. There was Tufat's Assault Group "T.A.G." known as the attack squad within S.R.M. 

Gleaned from T.A.G. website in memory of
John "TUFAT"  Tucker

                      Current server running as
                   (US) Unsung Gaming =USG= 
Look for  (US) Unsung Gaming  
Server is currently hosting KP Insurgency hosting up to 50 players 

(US) Unsung Gaming
TF FQ 33.3 
ALL BLUE Ground Units tune to 33.3
ALL RED Ground Units tune to 99.9

~~~~~TF RADIO~~~~~ 
All Ground Comm. TFAR FQ. 400.0 - 400.3
All Ground to Air comm = 400.3 (Strict) 
CAS Main FQ.400.3